Komponist & Themenpark-Fan

Hi, mein Name ist Tim Hendriks und ich bin Webentwickler mit einer Leidenschaft für digitale Medien, Soundtracks und Themenparks. Momentan arbeite ich als Webentwickler nachdem ich mein Studium als Bachelor of Arts im Bereich Onlinemedien abgeschlossen habe.

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Aktuelle Projekte

Phantom Animatronic

On Halloween 2020 I presented my second DIY Animatronic: the Phantom from Phantom Manor at DisneylandParis. This animatronic is embedded in a dark and spooky setting and features the iconic laugh of Vincent Price.

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O.J. Punctuel Animatronic

Introducing my self-made animatronic of O.J. Punctuel, the servant of Symbolica at Efteling. After 2 years of developing and testing, O.J. can be controlled via a web interface on mobile devices and features all of the rules that can be heard within the actual attraction.

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Unofficial Airshow '71 Soundtrack

I composed a new soundtrack for a themed area called Airshow '71 in Holiday Park Plopsa. The area and attractions are all about flying. In contrast to my previous soundtracks, I wanted it to sound as positive and bright as possible.

Listen to the soundtrack

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