Web Developer,
Media enthusiast,
Composer & Theme park fan.

Hi, my name is Tim Hendriks and I'm a web developer with a passion for digital media, soundtracks and theme parks. I'm currently working as a web developer after graduating with an Online Media Bachelor of Arts.

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Unofficial Airshow '71 Soundtrack

I composed a new soundtrack for a themed area called Airshow '71 in Holiday Park Plopsa. The area and attractions are all about flying. In contrast to my previous soundtracks, I wanted it to sound as positive and bright as possible.

Listen to the soundtrack

Unofficial Expedition GeForce Soundtrack

As a huge fan of the Expedition GeForce roller coaster in Holiday Park Plopsa, I decided to create a whole new soundtrack based on the original music theme. Since the ride has a djungle expedition theme, I tried to find a soundtrack that adds something to the theming of the attraction.

Listen to the soundtrack

Unofficial Sky Scream Soundtrack

Back in 2014, Holiday Park Plopsa opened a launched coaster that is surrounded by an old factory building. The park added a zombie theme and wanted to create a tense atmosphere. After seeing the concept arts I decided to write some music for the different areas of the attraction.

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