What I do is what fascinates me

No matter whether it's web development, music or design, I keep myself busy with things that really fascinate me.

Web development

During my study I focused on developing web applications of all kinds. Since I started to program, I constantly improved my PHP and MySQL skills. I'm also into coding web frontends with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While I'm writing code I pay a lot of attention to my code quality and try to keep things as efficient and clean as possible.

Videos & photography

Although I do not spend most of my time with my dslr, I love to capture images. Now and then I'm trying to improve my photography and postproduction skills. Filming and creating aesthetic videos is something I enjoy even more. I'm a huge fan of beautiful close-up images and always try to create a nice and diverse storyboard.


Creating music is definitely my favorite compensation for my work as a web developer. I love all kinds of genres, but when it comes to compsing music myself, I'm focusing on orchestral soundtracks. My aim is to create a cinematic sound that is able to create tension and transfer emotions.

Print design

Designing print media is something I used to do a lot. It is definitely not what I'm doing very often, but I do like the creative work that is needed to convey a certain message. Designing and not worrying about browser compatibility, performance or code structure can be quite relaxing some times...